Star Manager

Star Manager is a Starcraft 2 app for Windows 8. It is used to view ladder statistics, match history and also shows a feed of your current positions in the metro layout etc. A must for any Starcraft 2 fan that want's to easily be able to track your progress. When you first start the app you must link it to your Starcraft 2 profile. To do this simply enter the URL to your official Starcraft 2 profile. An example URL would be for instance: A random progamer profile will be linked as default at first before you choose your own. After you do this the app will then load up with data from your profile. You can always change what profile you wan't to view by pressing the 'Change profile' button. You can also have Star Manager as a tile in the Windows metro layout. It will then loop through your different ladders and present interesting information such as win/loss ratio etc, right in the metro grid. NOTE: For this to work as such you must use the 'wide' size of the tile. DO ALSO NOTE: This app requires internet access because it retrieves data from an external server, via Blizzards official SC2 API, which is how profile statistics are fetched. This app always saves data on your harddrive to remember which profile you have chosen. However this app does NOT send any data to any other machines.


  • View league information like win/loss ratio, number of losses or wins etc
  • View the full ladder table of any ladder you are placed
  • View various information of your Starcraft 2 career
  • View the match history of your most recently played matches with some basic information about each match
  • Usable as a live tile in the metro grid where you can track your ladder progress