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26 October 2012

Wish I could give zero stars. Nothing to see here. Even Stephen's name is spelled wrong in the application title. It's right in the content that was probably just copy/pasted from somewhere. This "app" doesn't DO anything. This publisher has 4 or 5 more like this. Don't make the Windows store start to look like the other guys' stores. It doesn't have to be great, but it should at least do SOMETHING!


24 October 2012

This developer is putting an app in the app store for each person they get information on. Why not just put one app in the store that allows the user to see all the people? This is considered app spam and needs to stop. It litters the app store for no apparent reason. This sort of developer would deliver each entry of Wikipedia as a stand-alone application. That is just ridiculous. It is the exact same app over and over again with the only thing different being the person they do the BIO for.