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Stop Motion Plus

NOTE: Dear customers, I am sorry to tell that, but I cannot continue development of the app, nor provide quality support. I sincerely regret that: it was very rewarding for me to help you create, and because of sleepless nights I spent on this project. I leave the app in the store for those of you who still find it useful. I keep a hope that one day in future I'll be able to resume working on it. Thank you very much for being my customers, it's an honor for me! Old description: Try yourself in animation movie making with this simple but capable app! Show your child what toys are doing when she or he is sleeping. Or make a short Lego model performance. Or a clay figure movie. Or, shoot timelapse at pace you want. Or implement your own idea.


  • Shoot stop motion and time lapse with embedded webcam
  • Make a real video clip out of your project
  • Choose any frame rate (10-60 fps) and resolution (480p, 720p, 1080p)
  • Add music to make a clip more fun
  • Add artistic frames to decorate your video
  • Upload to YouTube!

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22 August 2016

It's just A Stopmotion App with ''onion Skin'' .Plus it has ADDS!!!! I got this app thinking that the ''Plus'' Meant something...It Dosen't!!! If you want a Good Stopmotion App Try ''Stopmtion Explosion Animation'' But you have to pay for it (PS: Not on app Store) they have a Website.


12 July 2016

I cannot turn around the screen. Me and my sister hate it!!!


25 April 2016

This did not let me download it


24 April 2016

I love this app it helps me so much with my stop motion but please make it add sound like Stop Motion Pro


11 March 2016

I love legos and I also film with them, I think that you need to have put the special effects in the corners of the screen and to use them, we click on the effect and click where we want them


16 January 2016

Very good animation app, easy to use, and ever since my ipad got stolen from me and I got this surface I have been looking for a good animation app and this is it.


1 January 2016

I am trying to make sounds but it's not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11 November 2015

I think it is a great app but sometimes it doesn't work for me. When it does work it works phenomenally.


25 October 2015

weird working but in half an hour you learn how to work it


12 September 2015

this app is sooo cool you can even make time lapses

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