Looking to display tweets in a retail space, at an event, or just in your office? With Streamcast, you can stream tweets to the big screen by connecting your Windows 8 PC, Slate or Tablet via HDMI to a compatible HDTV or Projector. Or, just as cool, use your Windows 8 Slate or Tablet next to you as a dedicated Twitter display while you use your PC. Whether following a particular account or hashtag - Streamcast's minimal design ensures tweets look good while delivering the information you’re looking for. * Additional social network support and visual customization options will be available in future updates.


  • Display tweets one at a time in full screen.
  • Display your Twitter timeline, or display a specific hashtag.

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16 April 2015

Doesn't really work anymore. Won't let me sign in at all.


13 April 2013

Exactly what I was looking for! Perfect app!


1 March 2013

Cant really do anything but looks Great!


8 November 2012

This app is a wonderful little find. It's beautifully done, simple, and functional. So I thought I'd write a review for it. Design - 5/5 (Everything I expected and then some.) Functionality - 4/5 (Simple yet effective) Usability - 5/5 General Experience - 4/5 While this app is simple, I just wish it had a little customization. Like changing the color of the background. Other than that, this app is solid and is a must for those who need a Twitter feed during an event or video. Good job! -B


28 October 2012

Cant get past the login button. lemme know when you fix it.