Supersonic is a Windows 8 client for the open source Subsonic music streaming server! Browse and play your personal collection of music directly into Windows 8. Note: This app is pre-configured with the login data to the Subsonic demo server. You should change it to your own server account data. To know more about how to install Subsonic in your own server please visit What would you like to have implemented next? Offline cache? Playlist management? To report issues/exchange ideas you are wellcome to drop by at ---------------------------------- VERSION HISTORY: 1.2.1: # Visual tweaks # Ability to remove ads and support the developer 1.2: # Made Windows 8.1 compatible (when width is inferior to a certain amount the app will show a different layout) 1.1.5: # Fixed issue with some collections with different metadata format # Removed album popups: now music collection is fully browsable 1.1.4: # Bug fixing/Stability release 1.1.3: # Added possibility to configure the type of albums list on start page # Added convenient search shortcuts throughout the app # Added easier way to play album immediately # Bug fixing 1.1.2: # Added live tile for current song 1.1.1 # Added support for local servers #Added suport for introducing HTTPS server address 1.1 # Windows 8 integrated search # Fixed bug when browsing large collections 1.0: # Browse music collection # Play albums/songs # Album art cached locally


  • Browse your Subsonic music collection
  • Stream songs from your Subsonic server
  • Find artists/albums quickly using the Search charm
  • Fully integrated with Windows 8 media keys
  • Show live tile with current song

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19 October 2013

I World like to pah to get rid of banner


18 October 2013

Works great. Connected right up to my SSL enabled 4.8 Subsonic server. Gives me access to my library. Integrates and seems to take advantage of all the Windows 8 goodness (Snap, playback control integration etc.). 5 stars would have been allowing me to play podcasts (I've yet to find a Subsonic app that will though) Best Windows 8 Subsonic app I've found yet, please continue development!


14 October 2013

I wish this app would play all the songs in the playlist


15 August 2013

Doesn't open up directories with more than a certain number of sub-directories. Useless


14 July 2013

The app will connect and play music properly from my Subsonic server, but I can't see any sort of now playing screen unless the app is docked to the side. In fullscreen mode, there are no play controls or playlist at all. I'd say these two things are minimum requirements for a music player.


30 May 2013

For those having problems with SSL, please take a look at For any suggestion and/or issue please contact me via email or post it here Thanks


25 May 2013

Pros: - Best program available - Work on non-secured systems Cons: - it doesn't support ssl - Doesn't show up on the "lock screen" - Shows artists as tiles, but without any icons/graphics If you have a large collection, the tile design makes scrolling take ages - Doesn't understand Unicode (ë becomes ë) - after the latest update nothing visible improved Recommendations: - Add option for the user to switch between tile and list view - fix the lock screen issue - support secured servers


16 May 2013

Does not work with a self-signed certificate, can't rate the application otherwise.


24 April 2013

Seems to work well, though for some reason it has trouble translating local DNS addresses. Seems to work great if I type the IP instead of the FQDN (server.domain.local:4040 vs All in all very nice :)


19 April 2013

looking great, but password field does not work, and it crash

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