Ladies! This is an App for all those Women who are too busy to remember some important Dates and Schedules. This App has a Cycle page that helps you to track your menstrual cycle start date, a gym update page which tracks your Gym workout schedule and a Notes column where you can add some important information that you tend to forget. Hope this App makes you the 'SuperWoman' which all of us claim to be!! Download this and be a Super Woman :)


  • This app helps women schedule thier cycle dates
  • Women can schedule their gym workouts too

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24 October 2013

There are no settings to properly track your's useless for period tracking.


28 January 2013

you cant customize if you don't have a 28 cycle, I like being able to put in my workout schedule. doesn't show a calendar


23 January 2013

It's good for an estimate of your period due date, but something feels incomplete about it.


18 December 2012

As a woman, a useful app indeed! :)