Surf Private

Browse the web in complete privacy and ensure no one is able to track your internet surfing. Our browser is always on private mode and your URL history/searched keywords etc are always deleted at the end of each browser session. Upcoming features include: Download Videos from any website including Vimeo/Youtube and other video websites. Being able to identify any videos inside the HTML code of a website & allow the users to download these videos


  • Surf the Internet in complete privacy
  • Ensure your Search history is always deleted at the end of each session

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21 February 2016

I was actually surprised by the quality of this app. I can go wherever I like on the Internet, without any trace of my being there. Very useful. Honestly, my only complaint is minor enough to overlook and give this app a whopping five-star-rating. I didn't like how I had to type in each url of my sites. Eventually I just put "" onto my clipboard so I could just paste it down and use the search engine effectively. I didn't even care I couldn't' bookmark sites. (After all, isn't the whole point of the site to keep your activity from being traced?) It was barely different form my normal browser; it ran smoothly and quickly. All in all, it was a satisfying experience and I loved it.


20 July 2015

Is it possible to change zoom levels?


17 July 2015

I can't wait for the download feature been looking for a browser that can do that for a long time. You can also make this app even better by giving us a alternative ip address for private browsing.


4 July 2015

my only complaint is that I can't add bookmarks