Tamil Quran

Al Quran in Tamil. Translated in Tamil by P Jainul Abideen (PJ) who is Popular Islamic Scholar in Tamil Nadu (IN). Published by Moon Publications, Chennai. How to use: * The explanation for the foreign words, especially Arabic, in this translation can be found in the pages starting from xx to yy under the heading, ' glossary ' (used in different fields). * The explanation for the terms prayer, fasting etc., related to Islamic faith can be found in the pages starting from xx to yy. * Numbers have been assigned for foot-notes in several places in this translation. The reason for assigning numbers is to inform the readers that detailed explanation can be derived by referring to them. The explanation for such ' numbering ' for the foot- notes is found in the pages xx to yy. * In the pages xx to yy under the heading, subject-index, details regarding any specific heading or sub-heading can be found. * Certain sections like subject-Index, elucidation (explanation) etc., contain quotations from certain verses. For example, if it is marked 24:12, then it means that this number 24 denotes the number of the chapter and the number 12 denotes the number of the verse of the Arabic Text, given below in the extreme left side of the corner. The number given below on the right side of the corner denotes only the part.


  • Twelfth edition of Tamil translation
  • Searching verses and bookmarking functionality
  • History & consolidation of Al-Qur'an
  • Evidence for holy book with scientific proofs
  • Separate explanation for glossary
  • Some specific verses has been explained separately in elucidation section
  • Simple UI to have better experience