Tank Arena

The Dromedians have invaded our solar system, establishing military bases on the outer planets and getting ready to advance to Earth. You are the only hope for mankind so buckle up, get into your tank and get ready for the war ahead of us. Tank Arena is a SciFi Tank Shooter game where the player will battle Dromedian bot army in arenas across the solar system. The 5 original music tracks will keep you psyched and the missions will keep you hooked! Tank upgrades (Leopard, Challenger, Wolverine, Hell Cat) and Gun upgrades (Spread, Canon, Seeker) will help you keep up with the increasing difficulty of the missions. Accumulate gold, upgrade your tank and guns, put your score on online leaderboard and get all 15 achievements.


  • 30 levels at the Moon Training Station, 20 Mars levels
  • Innovative Swipe Input Navigation in addition to Thubmstick Navigation and Keyboard Navigation
  • 15 Local Achievements
  • Save progress online and resume playing on Windows Phone 8
  • 5 original in-game music tracks
  • Shooting is as easy as tapping on OR in the direction of the target (mouse click works as well)

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13 July 2016

Awesome game


18 June 2016

it is very adicted


30 April 2016

Fun game


25 April 2016

like itt


24 March 2016

Nice game. Not many upgrades though. it's a pretty good time spender:) and if you're bored.


9 March 2016

Fun and interesting game that features shooting at other tanks


8 March 2016

Awesome and challenging.


26 February 2016

This game is awesome I have never seen a game like it


25 February 2016



23 January 2016

wow you have to rate to start to play?

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