TED's official app presents talks from some of the world's most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends. Find more than 1700 TEDTalk videos and audios (with more added each week) on the official TED app -- now for Windows.

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28 September 2015

I love this app


24 September 2015



4 April 2015

As I big fan of TED, I am happy to see a great app from TED on Windows Ecosystem


28 March 2015

I love the talks they have. they really help me whenever I have a science project.


27 March 2015

When I try to sign in through the app, it never completes the sign in, so I am not able to access my playlists and saved talks from the website. I would like to see this fixed so I can do nearly everything from the app and not have to go to the website. Other than that, the layout is nice and the videos are always great. Please fix the bugs with this app and it will get 5 stars for sure.


17 February 2015

To all those who say there is no search bar, I want to inform them that the search function is integrated to the search charm from the charms bar in Windows 8.x. The app is really great.


28 January 2015

With such an incredible multitude of TED talks it seems very unlogical to publish an app without a search function. Is it so hard to program? Or is there another reason I simply cannot fathom? And then I have a screen with 3200 x 2000 something pixels and you have videos with at least 720p - so why not let me choose what resolution I would like according to my internet connection/viewing preferences? OK app but needs basic functions - like NEARLY ALL WINDOWS 8 apps. I wonder how come that all apps I am trying have these basic flaws...


6 January 2015

Though there is an option to sign in, it does not work!


2 January 2015

Truly great app


15 December 2014

How are you supposed to use this with no search capability ? Why would you install an app with less functionality than the web version ?

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