The ABCs and 123s of Child Safety

Meet Ryan, Anna, Matthew, Sophia, Faith, and their trusted protector, Samson the Safety Dog! Together they are the All-Star Safety Patrol Kids, and they’re here to help your child learn the ABC’s and 123’s of safety. From playing with friends to avoiding strangers, the All-Star Safety Patrol Kids can teach your child everything he or she needs to know to make smart, safe choices—along with practicing the alphabet and counting to ten. Look for more All-Star Safety Patrol Kids adventures to help you teach your children to make safe choices without boring or frightening them. After all, safety should be fun and empowering. “Child Safety Tips and Programs™ is an excellent source for practical tips and fun tools from someone who is passionate and genuinely cares about the safety of children.” —Jennifer Baker, counselor at the Houston Police Department “As a mother, I believe that it is never too early to start teaching my children about their personal safety as it is vital to their protection in today’s times. Child Safety Tips and Programs™ is an excellent resource for parents to help them provide the tools necessary to do so.” —Tamara Desmarais, mother of four children


  • Read to Me - The book has prerecorded narration for playback
  • Record and Play My Narration - The reader can record his or her own narration
  • Coloring - Select pages can be colored and saved
  • Audio Preferences – Different playback options are available
  • Paging Preferences – The reader can select automatic or manual paging
  • Easy Navigation – The reader can go directly to specific pages

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6 September 2013

While your child is learning his alphabet and numbers, why not teach them basic safety rules that will help to keep them safe? Through the help of the All Star Safety Patrol Kids, your child will learn to make smart and informed choices when it comes to their personal safety.