The Art Of Living

We believe in a philosophy – live every moment as though it was the best moment of your life. Seize the day! Raise the bar, reach out to your inner potential, discover yourself and enjoy this adventure called life. Yet – are we able to connect to that fountain of enthusiasm to do new things or infuse creativity in our everyday lives? Are we able to practice a random act of kindness, or share a loving moment, not because we are trying to maximize a potential opportunity but simply because we want to connect with another human being? Do we experience joy in appreciating the minute intricacies of nature or are we running desperately from one task to another, trying to outwit time? We believe in creating the best world possible for you – filled with everything that you envision. And the key to that is managing your stress, being free of negative thoughts and approaching each day with love, energy and compassion. Why this app? Why not, we ask? Doesn’t everyone want to find solutions for stress? Doesn’t everyone want to walk with more energy, find the everyday joys in living, give love and enjoy life? We, the team at The Art of Living, certainly want to see each person walk with a smile and enjoy this adventure called life. This app encourages people to take up to simple breathing techniques which can lift one’s spirits high or guided meditations which can refresh one from the core or the self. What are you waiting for? Go through the app and experience it. How does the app work? The Art of Living foundation brings you the app which works wonders on your mind, body and breath. (With the foundation’s roots deeply rooted in the field of social cause, stress free, non-violence society.) This app enhances one’s experience to the spiritual world with its simple breathing practices, guided meditations, ancient wisdom and insight to the oldest medicine system – The Ayurveda. The app works on the three levels of the body, they are emotional, physical and the mental level. One needs to rate against these levels and based on the levels the app gives different solutions. The solutions range from different genres as described above. Who can use the app? This app can be a very useful tool for those who are looking for stress buster solutions. Anyone from a family man who is home after a long day at work and wants to unwind to give a best shot with his kids to a homemaker who just needs her space once the kids are at school and the husband at the office. The app works really well for young adults, eager to discover the wind beneath their wings and are stepping out in this world.

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2 November 2014

The app is unable to decode audio on Surface Pro 3. Please fix this soon. Thanks.


17 September 2014

Everybody should install this app and enjoy.


31 July 2014

This app is easy to use, fun and beneficial. Good job!


30 March 2014

LOVE this app. It took a few minutes to figure it out but, once I did, I think it's wonderful.


16 January 2014

This app offers a lot of information. The disappointment comes with the audio sections of the app. They are very choppy and skip throughout. I am not sure why this may be happening. I do not have problems elsewhere that I have found as of yet. If there is a solution to this problem, please let me know. I will be uninstalling this app for now and hope this bug will be worked out soon.


5 December 2013

For those ready to find inner peace, but aren't sure how to begin, this is absolutely the perfect app for you! Something I love about this app is that it doesn't have daily contributions, but rather gauges what you could use differently at that time, no matter how many times a day you use it. It does this by having 3 dials to adjust from 0-100 on "freshness," "happiness," and "clarity." Granted, it's next to impossible to gauge yourself completely correct; but if you take a moment to really critique yourself, the app will give you wonderful things to help you begin to find the inner peace you're searching for. Remember, meditation and Yoga do not come easily to everyone right away. But the more you try, the more you get out of it. Sincerely, I don't think it's possible for this app to disappoint.


21 November 2013

Thank you for creating this application.


27 October 2013

Great app very useful but would like it better if all the guided meditations and music work as expected.


1 August 2013

The meditation and music sections are good; adding more variety will make it awesome.


26 July 2013

This is an excellent application, and I have downloaded it. The look and feel is clean and very neat. It is easy to use...must say its very nicely done, and very user friendly !

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