The Best of Both Worlds

This Windows 8 Application is designed to maximize ladies' shopping experiences by providing them with all the best online shopping sites for college girls and all most advanced utilities for searching through them all faster than ever thought possible. By combining our user friendly interface with our triBrowse and adding the most advanced Quicksort it permits users to shop through all these top rated sights for what their looking for in an instant and in-depth shopping can be preformed with our ShopExpander. (All sites were submitted and voted upon by the beautiful ladies of FSU to determine the best 9 online shopping sites) (Privacy is disclosed as all purchases are made through Internet Explorer App which can be navigated to by simply clicking a button. No personal information required)


  • Quicksort - Drop down menu to select product details and searching all websites based on these details at once.
  • triBrowse- 3 browsers displaying the results from the user selected shopping sites.
  • User friendly Selector Interface - easy way for user to select which websites to shop from.
  • ShopExpander- Brings up selected website and maximizes screensize for in-depth shopping at that site.

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17 June 2013

Loved all the selections


19 April 2013

All the best stores for college girls who want to fit in with the newest and most up to date clothing