The Grumpy Kitty Free

Once again the grumpy Garfield has made a mess like always. Help him to fly through 4 different worlds and fight his stupid enemies. MUCH MEOW Fly to the Doge Galaxy, Mario town and even HOTDOGS TOWN, and fight the most annoying enemies in the world >:D The grumpy kitty is the most advanced clone of flappy bird, If you love flappy bird, you will love this version even more!!!! It's the only flappy bird clone that has a high score leader board, game music, bosses, worlds, coins, Power-ups, Achievements and funny ending quotes.... How to play: Tap the screen or press the space bar (Duh) Fly through the obstacles (Hotdogs, pipes, Lasers and buildings) Collect coins to unlock new worlds and achievements. Also collect power ups HAVE FUN NOOOB © 2014, Zedstudio All Rights Reserved


  • Achievemnts
  • Power ups
  • 4 difffrent worlds to unlock and explore
  • Leaderboard
  • Grumpy Garfield
  • Works with tocuh, Mouse and Keybaord
  • Addictive Gameplay

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3 December 2014

This game looks awesome, but it was super glitchy when I first tried to play. I'm able to play it now, and like flappy bird, it is HARD.


7 May 2014

oh my gawdd... since I found this game, I have been playing it every second that I have free time :3 its the bestestest version of flappy bird that could EVER be made LOL


5 May 2014

I've got to say, being a flappy bird clone you can't do much, but this game HAS to be an overhaul on the whole concept. I love the additions! I can't seriously play any other Flappy Bird clone without feeling like I'm missing them. Rock on, ZedStudio!