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20 November 2015

When viewing in internet explorer on windows 8.1 there are no links just references. If I open the same article in chrome it has the links or video.. why is that?


7 November 2015

Read the Post on my iPhone and the app is pretty good. On my Surface, the app is pretty poor. Links, if they are there, never work and most of the time the images aren't available. How about putting a programmer who knows windows on the project instead of the guy who secretly must like Apple more.


6 November 2015

The fox news app has a better rating 😐 get it together, huff post. I have the app on my iPhone, and it has way more articles and sections. The app for my windows tablet is so limited. I got it so I could enjoy reading my favorite news source without squinting my eyes and using up my data. Please update this app and add all sections!


18 June 2015

Not sure why the Windows format requires limited access to the same content on PC and Android phone. I'll probably keep reading only on my phone.


2 June 2015

NOTHING like the Android app... and they just messed up the Android app ever more!!!!!!! Where are the comments section? Where is the Favorites section? This app seems rushed. AWFUL.


5 May 2015

This must be some bottom-shelf stripped down version. The options menu has one option - reading offline. And where are the comments for the articles? Skip the Windows version. Even their cluttered web pages are better than this piece of junk.


1 May 2015

where is the Greek version???


23 April 2015

While I thoroughly enjoy the flavor of news the Huffington offers, this app does leave me hungry for more - sometimes a little frustrated. The articles often allude to a video or photo gallery "above" or "below." Yet there is no link. I clicked onto a line in the text itself. A window opened & acted like it was going to load something, so I waited ... & waited ... & gave up. If you could fix these issues in a subsequent update, that would definitely be worth five stars. Thanks.


3 February 2015

Nothing like just cobbling together an App to present it. This app has no features, no options to select categories of interest or block ones that I'm not interested in. Please get it together and bring this app up to snuff, as I love HuffPost, but won't bother with this piece of garbage of an app.


30 December 2014

the Android version of this app is so good that it sets the bar very high. that said, this version needs a lot of work. opening page needs to be completely reworked.

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