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    Read up to three free articles per day from any section or subscribe for unlimited access to award-winning journalism.

The New York Times

The New York Times app for Windows 8 is free to download and all users can access up to three free articles per day, from any section or subscribe for unlimited access to award-winning journalism. Subscribers get full access to over 25 sections plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com on any device. Existing subscribers with NYTimes.com + Tablet Apps or All Digital Access can simply log in to get full access to this app as part of their existing subscription.


  • Experience our world-class multimedia with video and slide shows within articles and in the dedicated Video and Photos sections.
  • Pin sections and blogs to your Windows 8 Start Screen using live tiles.
  • Save articles or blog posts to the app's Saved section and you can enjoy your saved articles on other devices.
  • Share articles through e-mail and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter via People App.

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19 June 2016

"On June 30, 2016, The New York Times will stop supporting the NY Times app for Windows tablet and desktop. You can continue to enjoy our content on your device through a browser."


29 May 2016

The Times was a leader in the newspaper world when it came to entering the digital age. No longer! This app won't let me sign in (No problem on my iPhone) and there is no way to get any answer as to how to change it. I guess because it's free, they don't care.


9 May 2016

Really too bad that the premier newspaper in the US has a such a mediocre App. There is no apparent help screen to advise you on simple things such as: How to read a saved article? You can save them but not retrieve them? And what is the purpose of saving an article if the app wont open off line? Why cant I download (even for a short time) the paper so I can read it when I have no connectivity? The Website is a lot better... better organized and better laid out. Hence the review title.. TOO BAD.


3 March 2016

Have had nothing but trouble with this App since moving over from Kindle subscription. Support desk was absolutely no help in fixing issues. Uninstalled and re-installed, deleted cookies, everything tried but still denied access to unlimited account. Finally cancelled in total frustration.


29 February 2016

For the life of me, I can't get the app to load on my Surface. It's driving me crazy!!


25 February 2016

Surface RT and desktop (8.1) display "The New York Times" wait (clockwise spinning dots) icon. I am a subscriber and looking forward to changing my review to 5 stars.


21 December 2015

The app doesn't work at all on my Windows Surface, running Windows 10. Have spent much time with the Times' technical support, to no avail. I'm cancelling my subscription immediately. I just wish there was a way to leave zero stars.


1 December 2015

no longer loading....operator error?


24 November 2015

I have an electronic subscription which I read on my tablet. If I use nytimes.com I get a constant stream of pop up ads and demands that I subscribe, If I use the "app" I cannot choose the section but have to scroll through articles in your preference mode. This is new, Why?? I hate it, I'm about to cancel my subscription. .Rowena Conkling


21 October 2015

This app used to work but now will not allow me to access the content that I subscribe to. Very frustrated. It works perfectly on my iPad. How come these same apps don't work on Surface as well as Apple. Anyone out there?

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