The Ponzi Game

The purpose of the game is to demonstrate the Ponzi scheme, how it works, where the money goes and how unscrupulous financial experts can easily cheat honest, well educated investor of their money. It is a game, you are the Ponzi , it is up to you to gain as much wealth as you possibly can at anyone’s expense. As the Ponzi, your sole quest is to build Ponzi points. The player with the most Ponzi points wins the game. But watch out , if you get caught , you go to jail and the game is over. As the Ponzi, you have two controls or strategies – first you can entice new investors to invest in your scheme and you can also convince existing investors to keep and increase their investments in your scheme. You as a Ponzi , of course, have a dynamic personality and are quite creative in your quest for wealth and the game provides you the freedom to select from a number of strategies that have been used by real world Ponzis. And if your dynamic personality is not enough, you can pay existing investors high rates of return that they cannot get anywhere else – why wouldn’t they invest with you? Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone you are paying those returns with other people’s investment money – you are the Ponzi Wizard you can do anything you want! The Ponzi scheme game has tried and true fraud techniques built in. These are conveniently labeled under the Ponzi Magic icon. Just click it and a list of magic Ponzi strategies will appear and by selecting one and pressing the confirm button, the strategy is immediately implemented in the game. Being a Ponzi Wizard has never been so easy. So now that you know about being a Ponzi Wizard, what have you got to worry about – “what me worry!” Well, the world is changing around you. Even though you are a debonair, intelligent, quick witted and a social magnate you cannot control all things. Simulating the real world is where the Ponzi game event generator and simulator come into play. The game incorporates a sophisticated daily simulation of the Stock Market with random events scheduled throughout the game period. You, as the great Ponzi must deal with the uncertainties and grow your personal Ponzi wealth each day dealing with world events and the random nature of the Stock Market. Daily events are presented to you as headlines from the Wall Street Journal as though you were a real world Ponzi. All real Ponzi Wizards read the Wall Street journal. You can operate your own Ponzi scheme with the possibility of earning millions. Remember your job is to monitor the market, be aware of the world events and then select and execute strategies to build the investments into your Ponzi scheme. So how do you get Ponzi points? Is being a Ponzi Wizard just feeling good about being a big shot? No! You accumulate wealth just like for real – other people’s wealth. For all investments made, you earn an outrageous commission, you charge outrageous management fees and at any time you can transfer funds to secret off shore accounts. You are making so much money; no one will miss a few wire transfers here or there. And if things get real sticky, if Jail time may be on the horizon, you can wire large chunks of the funds to secret places – well, it is so easy to do with computers. The Game is easy to play , you are given control of time – you can go forward , Forward Icon, you can pause, , Pause Icon, and you can reset the game to start over, Reset Icon. It’s all in fun and it is fun, but at the same time it is meant to educate you to the dangers in investing and the Predators out there in the Market. When it sounds too good to be true usually it is too good to be true. Many have lost their life savings to real world Ponzi Wizards and yes it’s sad to say that Ponzi’s have the power to steal away the life savings from many thousands of hard working investors. It is important to see that in this game, as in the real world, the Ponzi scheme can last for a long time, even decades before the Ponzi is caught and unfortunately that is always too late. The Game clearly demonstrates this. Let’s hope that this game will keep you from the fate of the real world Ponzi.


  • The Stock Market is changing every day and it will reduce or increase the account Balance
  • New Hot Deals - these are hot deals you can take to buy stock and then cash it immediately in to make quick profits
  • Random Events - the game has a random event generator that impacts the game
  • Ponzi Controls - these are actions that are made available to you to improve the daily invesments

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8 January 2015

Is not correctly made for windows 8, and it makes the game (literally) impossible to play.


2 January 2015

The windows do not show up correctly so this game is not even playable in anyway.