The Rooster

/* Free for limited time!!! */ A unique audio-visual game for children with lovely sounds and unique design! Play the game and listen to the adorable song "The Rooster" (like old macdonald song) selecting each time a different animal. ● Discover 5 different farms and let the child find out which animal the farmer wants to buy through outlines, sounds and words of animals. ● Touch the animals to reproduce sound. Unlock animals and see them in mystery box! BONUS GAMES AND ACTIVITIES You can find two additional games: memory and puzzle. Print sketches to your computer and let the child to paint them or use them for papercraft!


  • Lovely animal sounds and music!
  • Farmer speeches and explanation texts!
  • Puzzle and Maching Pairs games!
  • Paint and papercraft!

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3 April 2015

My 2 year old loves it.


30 May 2014

It's really great for kids.