Theneeds brings you the web you need and love tailored to your interests, in one beautiful social place. Discover the news, videos, music, social posts, you need, curated just for you. Tell us what you like, and our technology will do the rest, surfacing the most relevant online content from top sites (such as The NYTimes, CNN, The Huffington Post, Twitter, YouTube, BuzzFeed, …), cool blogs, and from people just like you. Theneeds’ technology combines advanced Artificial Intelligence, a community-based voting system, and expert curation to deliver the web that matters to you. ** DISCOVER THE BEST OF THE WEB BASED ON YOUR INTERESTS Theneeds is your personalized web discovery app, pairing its unique web know-how with your specific needs & interests. ** THENEEDS SCOURS THE WEB SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO Theneeds collects and analyzes millions of news articles, tweets, videos, and more from thousands of services. We know what's hot on the web. ** THENEEDS CONSTANTLY LEARNS ABOUT YOUR INTERESTS When you vote, read, share, etc. Theneeds builds your digital interest DNA. The more you use it, the smarter it gets at satisfying all your web needs. ** THENEEDS IS COMMUNITY-POWERED AND SOCIAL Individuals are best at curating what matters most - vote on what you like to help surface the best, for more quality and less noise. Download Theneeds and get started! Theneeds is the best personalized news app. Discover content tailored to your needs & interests from sources like NYTimes, CNN, NBC, WSJ, Yahoo, FT, theCHIVE, FOX, BuzzFeed, ABC, BBC, LATimes, NPR, WP, NYP, CBS, CNBC, Twitter, FB. Think Flipboard meets Pandora. To learn more, check out our website and follow us on Twitter @theneeds and on Facebook. For any questions or technical issues, send us an email to and we’ll help you get going.


  • Get the best of the web tailored to your interests and discover news, music, videos, tweets, and more.
  • Sign up and tell us what you like by selecting your interests (you can always change them later).
  • Enjoy a beautiful dynamic homepage with live tiles showing previews of top news, stories, videos, and music based on your interests.
  • Scroll left or right to explore different Needs (like News, Travel, Music, Sports, Money, and more) and scroll down to see more content related to a specific Need.
  • Vote on what you see to help us bring you more of the web you want and curate together what matters most.
  • Follow the sources you love, including people just like you, and see only when they talk about what interests you.
  • Browse the “For me”, “Trending” and “Just in” pages and vote on content to surface the best for others.
  • Connect your social network accounts, Facebook, Twitter, to share easily with your network by tapping the share icon.

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24 August 2014

To developer -With flip book killing Zite , consider prioritizing user guided filtering... that would be huge (i.e. serve me stuff like that stuff, makes for a sticky reader over time). Also, really rude to assume I want an email subscription to the digest it starts sending. I don't recall giving that approval to this app. Even worse, is it requires a login to unsubscribe. I uninstalled the app after playing with it for five minutes and a week later I get these emails... so just unsubscribe right? Must login to do so! Did I use Twitter? Gmail? MSFT account? Other email? Who knows when they all feed through each other these days. Not providing one click unsubscribe from unsolicited email is just not nice. Easy fix. Otherwise promising.


30 July 2014

Looks there is decent potential as a news aggregator, but this program is slow to load and run, and crashes far too frequently to be useful, unfortunately. Perhaps it isn't optimized for Surface RT? Most other programs run fine on RT. Can't recommend this program at this time.


2 March 2014

The Needs wants to collect information about my friends. Why? Uninstalling.


11 January 2014

Well done, am getting input string errors on occasion? Usually when using trending function


7 January 2014

Well done! Makes beautiful use of the metro design language. This app will be going right on my Start screen. ♥♥♥♥♥


31 December 2013

Great idea, great app


27 December 2013

That's the app I was looking for. All the news I'm interested in organized in one place and with a gorgeous interface. 5 stars well deserved!


20 December 2013

Keeps me informed on all the things I care about. Well done.


17 December 2013

Good job guys!


16 December 2013

The best app on the store so far!

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