Time Out Dubai

You live in a big, loud, wonderful city where lots of incredible things are happening all the time. So many things, in fact, that you can easily miss brilliant events and great nights out in the excitement. That’s where the Time Out Dubai app for Windows 8 devices comes in. It’s got all the great stuff in Dubai (the bars, restaurants, clubs, film openings and more) in one place. The Time Out Dubai app is easy to browse and you can tailor your search to where you are and what you’re doing. Just met friends and want to impress them with a brilliant undiscovered bar? No problem: check the app. Come out of a movie and need a great late-night place to eat nearby? Easy: check the app. The Time Out Dubai app is constantly updated with new events, giving you hundreds of options throughout the day. No matter how busy you are, you need never miss out. for Dubai Cinemas: Ever wondered, which movies are playing in the closest theaters around you or ever been frustrated because of the lack of details on a particular App? Well, Dubai Cinemas is the perfect solution for the Movie Buffs in this region. The App Lists every single movie shown at any point in any cinema theater in Dubai. You can also access details like the cast of the movie, their details, their pictures, show timings, trailers and much more. This App promises to be the best guide for any movie lover.

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2 March 2014

It is a nice app. Good work.


1 March 2014

Love it! The UI couldn't have been better, and it's fully featured. Would love to have a large tile though, I know that it's coming. Good job :D


4 February 2014

I love this app. Thanks.


27 January 2014

This app has nice GUI and responsiveness. I like that Movies are shown with the trailers. The Nightlife and Music section is not loading though. and Hotels section is not fully done.


26 December 2013



1 November 2013

Love the app