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  • Category: Games / Role playing
  • Published by: Pansoft ?
  • Size: 34 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes:
    + Added option for disabling all dialogues. Beware as some hints that are given by the storyline could be hidden. + Added share button for posting your progress to facebook or twitter! On Windows 8 you can also use the share charm button. + Fixed random bug removing inventory items at later levels + Fixed fake walls collisions on some maps + Windows 8 : Enemies too far away cannot be hit anymore while out of view


Base Ceti-One is a tactical weapons and unit construction site currently anchored at near orbit zone of Leonis moon. One week ago, we lost all contact with the base. Every attempt we've made to reestablish communication channels have failed. We are sending in a T.I.T.A.N. strike unit to investigate... Let's just hope its not too late.” With T.I.T.A.N. you’re the commander of a giant robot sent on a mission to investigate what happened to base Ceti-One. Soon enough, you and your supporting team will discover that the base will be reacting to your intrusion treating you as an enemy! You’ll have to defend yourself from hordes of enemies that will become increasingly difficult while trying to discover why you’ve become the enemy and who or what is controlling the enemies!


  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • More than 50 levels both pre-built and randomly generated
  • Bosses, lasers, turrets, tanks…lots of deadly enemies await!
  • Lots of weapons to choose from, equip and personalize
  • Slot system allows you to customize your weapons as you please
  • 12 different skills to choose and level up with your character
  • Shops around the base will buy and sell all the gear you may need
  • Play with touch or mouse & keyboard
  • Plug your XBOX controller for additional fun!

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29 August 2016



8 June 2016

This game needs a sequel. Nothing else like it that works on the RT platform great job


8 May 2016

Installed put in name and the start button doesn't work. Bolo. Using a surface 2


1 February 2016

Great game but there are some grammar errors and there also needs to be a screen saying "Are you sure you want to restart the mission?" Because I keep tapping it on accident.


29 November 2015

there is only one problem with the game. I think Pansoft should've made the AI a little smarter. Other than that it is a very awesome game--or should i say GAME????


14 June 2015

The ads pop up over the game. I know devs need to make a living but come on give me a cut of ads at the start not during the game.


23 September 2014

Sometimes the colored security cards do not open the doors of the specified color and prevent you from getting farther in the game. :(


23 March 2014

Sometimes the fire controls don't work and you have to back out of combat until the you can actually use the weapons in your arsenal. I am playing on a Windows 8.1 laptop so using the trackpad mouse is not the best choice, especially since the fire button sometimes doesn't fire. Get this working all the time and you will gain a star or two. But, I think 2 stars is generous. The gameplay is pretty fun, albeit repetitious, but it keeps you entertained and wanting to continue. But, after level 3, I had to stop and close the app due to the firing control working, then not working, then working again, etc. Get's annoying really fast and you lose interest. Oh yeah, and it has way too much dialogue. Thought I was playing a Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid game here with all the dialogue. Stupid dialogue even pops up in the middle of combat, leaving you vulnerable when it can finally be skipped.


28 February 2014



9 February 2014


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