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    NEW : In an effort to make individual tools more affordable, we have included some advertisements. NEW : Advertisements can be removed by purchasing the Ad-free version of Toolbox. NEW : Note-taking, RSS and Task tools are now free for all users.

Toolbox for Windows 8

Toolbox is designed to bring unparalleled productivity enhancement to the Windows 8 platform. With Toolbox, you can view and interact with up to 6 different tools at once, giving you the power and flexibility to customize your workspace for maximum productivity. There are currently 15 included tools, with many more on the way! Included Tools: Web Browser Calculator Unit Converter Facebook Voice Notes Notifier World Clock Weather Doodle Stopwatch Notes Twitter RSS Tasks Calendar Toolbox allows you to run more than one instance of any of these tools within the same workspace. This allows you to view multiple web pages at the same time, monitor the weather in two different cities, or even view the time in six different locations at once. With the Toolset feature, you can save your favorite layouts and customizations to be recalled quickly and easily whenever you need them. You can even pin them to your Start Screen! When Toolbox is in Snap View, you have access to all of your Tools to help compliment your primary application you're working in. This makes it easy to stay productive with having the correct tools always at your fingertips. We're working on great new features and tools to continue evolving the Toolbox productivity experience on Windows 8.


  • View and interact with up to 6 different tools at one time.
  • Customize your workspace to maximize your productivity.
  • Dock Toolbox into Snap View to compliment your primary application with all 12 tools at your fingertips.
  • Save your favorite layout and customizations into Toolsets to be quickled recalled upon when needed.

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7 July 2016

I really like this app, I can look past the ads even! But what annoys me is that the Facebook tool will not work. It opens and instantly closes, or opens, has me connect then closes and will not login. Any help, tips or ideas?


26 December 2015

BEST APP for an Actual Desktop PC that i have used yet, Even for a Tablet im sure its good. maybe not the BEST. I have one complaint that i thought i would never have, I like this so much i want to get rid of the dang advertisements. Well atleast on the desktop version I have found no where to actually purchase the APP?? please advise so that i may use your app the way it was meant to be used. Other than that annoyance, Great job keep it up and keep adding tools. (update the conversion calculator to include more things. ex.(Tip calculator, and Power calculator


13 December 2015

Me gusta mucho la aplicación. Muchas funcionalidades y Es gratuita. La publicidad que aparece, no me es molesta. Me gustaria poder ajustar el tamaño del texto de la función Notes.


7 September 2015

No bugs lags or anything!! But could you add more built-in social media stuff?


5 August 2015

no indications of what is happening if anything. very disappointing but so is Windows 8.1, a piece of junk in my experience. GARech


18 July 2015

Calendar was useless. Still not a fan of Windows 8 app interfaces. :(


17 July 2015

loved using it !!! installing it again


6 July 2015



4 May 2015

So far it works for what I intended. I keep it at its minimal size on the right side of my external monitor. Displays current time, weather, tasks and calendar. Downfall is it does not seem to have a calendar sync option. My workplace uses Google for business and I use Google's calendars for everything. If it would sync to Google calendar and Google tasks, this would be a product worthy of my cash. But for free this is still usable and acceptable.


23 April 2015

Good collection of functions within the app allowing me to delete others that I no longer need. The functions need some tweaking to make them excellent. Currency converter has not worked yet. General converter needs touchup to complete it. Other functions in the app work well and prove useful. It is an app worth keeping on my system.

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