Have you ever traveled or even met foreign people and faced problem in Communicating with them because of the language Problem ? Forget about Such problem as Toungak is here Now. Toungak will help you by providing a collection of the most common words in Languages , Fruits , Vegetables , Months , Days of the week , Colors , and Places names. When you clicked on any word or statement Toungak will read it for you : ) Toungak is now Supporting English , French , Italian , and many more languages and features will be supported in further Versions ,, Try it Now and let Toungak to be your foreign Tongue . Developed By Nehad Hazem Application Factory Developer Application Factory Program | Microsoft Egypt Internship | DPE Department


  • Provide Help for users to know famous Words needed in Languages
  • Follow with important things to know in the different languages

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21 February 2013

It will be good for my little brother thanks


13 December 2012

A very helpful application , keep up the good work :)


2 December 2012

very very nice :)