Tourist Hill Climbing Rescue 3D - Mountains Driver

Be the rescuer – operate the tow truck and forklift and transport the wrecked cars of tourists and hurdles from mountain tracks to a safe place. Maneuver the heavy machinery like the fork lift and the emergency relief truck for providing breakdown services and to ensure the track is safe for tourists to travel. This is the ultimate urban experience of a modern day hill station with tourists visiting with they are chauffeur driven cars all year round and you get to play around with a 3D truck simulator. The truck driver needs to be smart and keep an eye on the navigation map to find his way on the mountain tracks. Driving on a cliff in off road conditions is tricky so make sure you are spot on and standout in your driving, towing & lifting skills. The challenge of driving a tow truck and operating a forklift will make your adrenaline rush. Be safe and don’t fall in the trenches. The trench can be deep and dangerous. The cliff is high and the tourist cars can fall off the edge of the cliff if you don’t reach in time. The off road tracks and hill climbing will want you to keep your eyes open so that you can rescue tourist cars and transport them to safety. You will also need to clear the hill path from wrecked cars, boulders and rocks. There are multiple off-road towing & forklift challenges for you to complete and rescue tourists from the mountain. For driving & parking of forklift & tow truck on mountains and while climbing hills, you need to be extremely careful of the trenches and cliff edges. Maneuver around carefully as the off road conditions are bumpy and the vehicle may fall off. You need to rescue the tourists from dangerous situations who have come to enjoy the scenic beauty and hill climbing. The tourists are dependent upon you for rescue. We hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.


  • 10 different missions for tow truck simulation & offroad tourist rescue forklift challenge
  • Realistic 3D graphics and mountain terrain
  • Real life like rescue forklift situations
  • 3D truck simulator and driving
  • Time based critical offroad challenges

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13 April 2016

This game sucks and I can't go a sigle place without my car acting up and my wheels locking in one direction


27 January 2016

Just crap


23 January 2016

Good app


21 January 2016

It's the worst game I've ever played


19 January 2016

Doesn't work


16 January 2016

This game absolutely blows DO NOT DOWNLOAD


17 December 2015



11 December 2015



5 December 2015

Great game


26 November 2015


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