Training for Windows 8.1

This Vodeclic app features 116 tutorials and more than 9 hours of training on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This latest version of the Windows operating system comes complete with a whole host of new features, all of which are described and demonstrated in the Vodeclic app’s tutorials. The Windows 8.1 training app features 116 tutorials on the key Windows 8 tools and Windows 8.1 functionalities. They are organized as follows: • Getting to know the operating system • Customizing your OS appearance • Moving between applications • Browsing for files & folders • Searching for a file • Sorting & organizing your files • Saving & manipulating files • Transfering files • Creating a user account • Setting up a shared resource • Protecting your personal data • Configuring your operating system • Ensuring your application is running correctly • Configuring your peripheral devices • Sorting your photographs This series of video tutorials will introduce you to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 new features. The biggest change to the Windows operating system is the new Start Menu, which is accessed via a separate distinct interface, also known as Metro. The new Start Menu figures as the Windows 8 home page. Each application or folder appears in the form of a tile. The Start Menu is easy to customise, and the user can quickly create new tiles to link to applications, folders, and even websites. The interface, which is optimised for touch-screen devices, allows users to move between different screens and tabbed applications. You will find out how to move from one open program to another, how to create user accounts, and how to log in and out of your user session. The Windows Explorer file manager has also evolved to incorporate a systems ribbon by which its different tools and functions can be accessed. In these video tutorials, you will find out how to get to grips with the key changes that have been made to this new version of Windows. A tutorial is a video lasting just a few minutes which demonstrates a particular tool or use (Resizing a window, Pinning an application to the Start Menu, Customizing the search function) and how to get the most out of it. Each Vodeclic tutorial is produced by a specialist subject trainer and adheres to a clearly defined learning method.


  • 116 tutorials (Windows 8.1 new features)
  • 10 hours of training
  • 15 skill sets
  • Search engine
  • Semantic Zoom
  • Snapview

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very well done