Tulsa City-County Library

Finding information is faster with Tulsa City-County Library’s mobile, instant access gateway. From library locations and hours to a world of electronic book downloads, we now provide the information anytime you need. Convenience is the key to connecting with a librarian, searching the library catalog, downloading the latest bestseller and sharing your insight with other readers. Join the library’s mobile community to follow the latest trending book topics in your area. Results for books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, periodicals and library events are available instantly. Renew items or place holds on your next library checkout and have it sent to the library of your convenience. Learn recommendations on what to read next from TCCL librarians at the forefront of information and publishing industries. Text a librarian your questions for quick answers with cited references. As information providers, our goal is to provide accurate and timely answers. Our newest mobile outreach is a tool that connects Tulsa’s community of library customers with a world of information. To checkout books or view your account, you will need to get an account from your local library serviced by this application. 3rd Party apps may require authenticated access. If your library card does not work for the app, please see your local librarian for instructions on accessing 3rd party apps facilitated by this application. Please note, if you try to check out an eBook/eMaterials, you will have to login again into a web form. This is the case for all libraries, as OverDrive does not support single sign on. Please also note that this application occasionally has to launch an embedded browser to display content. For example, Facebook, YouTube videos and Event details. If you checkout an eBook and try to download it, you will be prompted for an app that supports .acsm files - OverDrive is the standard application to choose. It will open and read the ebooks - however, you must have an Adobe ID. This is standard across the library industry.


  • Search the catalog
  • Find a library
  • View events
  • Discover eBooks
  • Connect with the library