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    What's new: - Improved Table of Contents and Bookmarks list. - Optimized reading settings. - Performance improvements. - Bug fixes.

txtr ebooks

With txtr you can now sync your books, bookmarks and reading position across all your devices. Add a book to your txtr library and read on desktop, phone or tablet - Android, iOS or Windows 8. The app comes with quick access to the txtr store, with over 1 Million* ebooks to choose from including everything from new releases and bestsellers to free classics. Personalize your reading experience with editable font size, margins, brightness and background colours. Enjoy reading with txtr! * Book availability may depend on your store and country


  • Try App mode to test the txtr experience and read free ebooks.
  • Access your txtr library. Sync bookmarks and reading position across all devices.
  • Tailor the reading experience to your taste with editable font size, margins, brightness and background colours.
  • Search in the txtr catalogue and get search suggestions
  • Browse and buy ebooks in the txtr store
  • Read when in flight mode
  • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian and Polish

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19 August 2015

The American server is dead. Therefore, this app no longer works. It was great. The only app I could find that worked on windows, windows phone, ios and android that could sync books across all. No longer working, which is a shame.


19 May 2013

when people died and back to live


22 April 2013

Nothing about 'txtr stands out above its competition. It's a nice product, but it's not yet competitive with Nook or Kindle. 'txtr has a clean design for their app and site, and keep up with the base features required for an ebook publisher. The catalog is decent, but there aren't many free books. The reader itself looks nice, but doesn't allow annotating or highlighting. By comparison, Kindle provides a better reader and Nook provides more media types (e.g., magazines, newspapers).


21 April 2013

I didn't try it because it requires a signin. That's a privacy intrusion upfront without giving me anything in return.


8 April 2013

I hoped this app would let me just read locally stored epub files but you have to sign up for their cloud service. No thanks.


29 March 2013

What I mean is that it's the service that makes this app worth while. The fact that there is a Windows 8 Metro App is what puts the icing on the cake. The ability to upload my own E-books on their website and view on all my devices makes this service worth getting. Think of an open version of the Amazon Kindle services... that's txtr.


12 March 2013

Reading a book I uploaded to my txtr account, the app crashed pretty regularly. This same book works fine in the iOS app. I would consider this beta quality. Also can't change gestures. I prefer to tap to turn the page and only swipe works.


3 March 2013

Love that you can swipe between pages instead of tapping on the sides of each page (which I do accidentally most of the time).