Ukulele Chord Finder

Ukulele Chord Finder allows users to find ukulele chords with ease.


  • Snapped view enables users to view tabs and search for chords at the same time.

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29 July 2014

quick and simple, all it needs to be


13 February 2014

There aren't diminished chords or different voicings. That is an improvement that should be made to be full resource.


27 July 2013

Very helpful!


6 June 2013

Useful and easy for what it's supposed to do, especially when the app is on the side mode and you have a song's chords up on a web browser or something. My suggestion would be to have a "favorite chords" section where you could easily place and remove chords in a folder so they are all there for you to glance at, instead of having to scroll through them all the time.