Ultimate Ink Flashcards

Use Ink, Sound, and Images to target the learning style that suits you best. Ultimate Ink Flashcards empowers learners with multi-sensory options for learning. Create, edit, and share decks of digital learning cards that take advantage of the modality that fits you, or the learning task, best. Ultimate Ink Flashcards are not just static memorization cards once created. You see an image, listen to audio, and use digital ink to solve a problem and show your work! Most flashcard apps are just digital versions of a basic two sided card. Ultimate Ink Flashcards takes advantage of what is possible when using digital learning tools. Fit the tool to the task, not the other way around. Writing, sketching, highlighting, annotating, and drawing are all essential parts of teaching and learning. Much of the learning takes place in the creation of cards, and Ultimate Ink Flashcards allows for natural interactions so you can use all of these options when appropriate. Take advantage of this powerful APP that was designed for the students and teachers of CCDS's benchmark 1:1 tablet PC program.


  • Interacting while reviewing with audio, images, and handwriting makes Ultimate Ink Flashcards a dynamic, engaging way to use multiple modalities to reach a variety of learning styles.
  • Digital Ink with touch or mouse and natural handwriting with an active stylus.
  • Add existing sound clips or record audio to both sides of the flashcards.
  • Use small or large images from existing files or use screen clippings and the clipboard.
  • Share decks any way you want with OneDrive integration built in.
  • Import and export decks as .deckex files.

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18 June 2015

the space for pictures is way too small. as was the text area. The option of viewing a larger card size would be great. The ability to write on a card is a good idea but for me on an 8 inch tablet i could barely write a single legible word in the space provided. perhaps a text option would help. The ability to put text and pictures on one side of a card is exactly what i wanted, the execution just needs some work, in my opinion.


16 December 2014

The interface is a little unintuitive but the functionality is mostly there. Unique in that you can wrote apps but it could use a button to remove ink annotations on entire deck. (unless I just don't know about it)