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    Release #4 - 8/23/2013 -Added units to the search and search suggestions Release #3 - 8/18/2013: -Added storing converted values for later use -Minor bug fixes -Modified UI Release #2 - 8/15/2013: -added search with suggestions function -added currency and radiation -modified UI -minor bug fixes

Ultimate Universal Converter

This is the ultimate universal unit converter. There are over 2,000+ units over dozens of categories across all fields. The user interface is designed for all types of settings, including professional and school. You will never need another converter. This app has a search function. Open up charm bar and start searching and the app will suggest what to convert based on your input. Please look at screenshot. Or you can also browse through the many fields to convert. The trial version has full access to currency, distance/length, and area conversions. These three categories alone have over 150+ units to convert over all fields. The trial version has no time limit, so if all you need are currency, length, and area conversions, then you do not need to buy. This app will work great by itself in landscape view, portrait view, or in snapped view alongside another app like excel in desktop. Please see the screenshots. The UI is very easy to navigate. Scroll up and down to navigate categories. Scroll left and right to navigate sub-categories. Simply press on the button of the chosen sub-category and convert away. Or you can simply start searching for what you want to convert. Again, the search function has suggestions. The suggestions include units as well as categories. So, say you want to convert gigaliter, you can either type in search "volume" or "gigaliter" and the app will suggest it and jump to volume. Try it out :-)


  • 2,000+ units to convert
  • Dozens of categories
  • searchable topics with suggestions
  • searchable categories and units