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Unit Conversion Pro

This is Unit Conversion Pro, we know, there are a lots of applications for unit conversions out there, but this is the best! This application offers you more 200+ units to convert, and you can store all your favorite conversions in the database, exported them, copied to clipboard or simply review them later. As a plus, the conversion algorithm allows you to easily revert the conversions, so you won't need to convert from unit A to unit B and then select the opposite! If you liked this tool or have any suggestions, we invite you to rate us or write to our support e-mail


  • 200+ units to convert
  • 30 categories of units to choose from
  • Execute a conversion and revert the results with one tap or click!
  • Copy results to clipboard or save them to review them later
  • Select from your favorites conversions and export them to a CSV file!
  • Great looking and intuitive interface!
  • Extremely easy to use!

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7 April 2013

Really nice and simple interface. Lets me do all i need. It would be Great if you could add a calculador so that we wouldnt have to use the one from windows


17 March 2013

I would like this a hundred million times more if I could use my own numbers rather than built in numbers. I don't need to convert one km/minute to into 1 mile per minute. I need to convert 7.49 km distance in 39.26 minutes to miles. Canned converters rob you of the app being truly useful in a real-world situation. If you could re-think the app such that it can be used in this way it would be worth much more.