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    Also runs well on Windows 10. Added ‘liters per 100 kilometers’ into the fuel consumption category. Refined icons.

Unit Conversion Professional

International travelers, cooks, engineers, and students: Let Unit Conversion Professional save you time and energy. How many tablespoons are in a quarter cup? If Qantas has a 20 kg weight limit on bags, how many pounds is that? How many astronomical units are in a light year? Why we’re different: Great usability and refined design. Consider the following: Other conversion utilities make you wade through lists to find the categories and units you care about; Unit Conversion Professional lets you bring up front the units you need most often for quick access, as favorites. Touch-screen users can say good-bye to the space-wasting onscreen keyboard: Unit Conversion Professional’s integrated keypad/calculator speeds number entry, allows scientific notation, and minimizes switching between apps. Unlike utilities that make you enter a number, search for the unit to convert to, and click a button to get results, Unit Conversion Professional instantly provides results in all units as you type in numbers. Reflected Sun’s software is designed with people in mind, to be quick and easy to use. Our primary software developer’s decades of work in user interface design means that our applications are developed from the ground up with your experience at the heart. You deserve to get your work done without frustrations. Download your free seven-day trial of Unit Conversion Professional today.


  • The integrated keypad/calculator replaces the space-wasting onscreen keyboard, speeds number entry, and allows scientific notation.
  • Fourteen useful unit conversion categories (such as temperature, length, volume, fuel consumption, energy, etc.) and hundreds of different units.
  • View multiple equivalent conversions simultaneously.
  • Works well with touch, mouse, and keyboard.
  • A quick and simple "favorites" system lets you choose the categories and units of measure you use most often and show these favorites first. Of course, you can always scroll to see the obscure units.
  • Integrates with Windows Search to provide quick access to hundreds of unit conversions.
  • Built-in calculator minimizes the need to switch between applications and provides elegant display and formatting of numbers.
  • Copy and paste values without having to make a selection. The advanced copy button lets you copy the unit name or abbreviation along with the numeric value.
  • Display results using a fixed number of decimal places, scientific (exponential) notation, or with the smart default (adaptively chooses a good way to display numbers, based on value and magnitude).

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14 November 2015

Not a calculator.


22 May 2014

Different than most unit conversion programs; a nice reimagining of this sort of app. Works great. I like being able to either copy numbers or numbers with the name of the units. The only unit converter I have found with copy and paste options that work for transferring numbers to and from all programs I use. All the units I ever need are included.


29 December 2013

easy to use, intuitive interface, great for touch.


16 November 2012

Very easy to use, so many conversions, great user interface! Super cool! Thanks for a great app! hans


9 September 2012

This app did NOT match my preconceptions of a unit converter – it's a sweet paradigm shift. Having a calculator inside a unit converter is very handy. I deal with extremely large number ranges in my engineering, so scientific notation is important; and this application actually displays these numbers how I write them, using superscripts, awesome! This app is cool example of where I hope Windows 8 apps are headed; it focuses on doing one thing VERY well, while being smooth and beautiful.


8 September 2012

This app has a really good user interface-much quicker to use & less frustrating than other unit conversion apps on here. The keypad calculator is a great feature-saves trouble using the onscreen keyboard. I also like the way conversions in all units come up as you work, so you can see results across lots of units at once without having to do extra clicks/taps. I've been using it for converting velocities, & this feature gave me a good feel for the value of different units. I'll use this a lot!