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How many ounces to a kilogram? Is 400 square yard big or small? Stop thinking and start using Unit Converter++ :-). Length, Area, Volume, Temperature, Time, Angle and many more! Unit Converter++ is an application that provides most used unit conversions like km per hour to mile per hour, ounce (us) to ounce (uk) etc. You can use this application for converting from one unit to another in no time. Not only that, you will also see all other conversions for the same unit in the same page itself! Isn't it exciting?


  • conversions from km per hour to mile per hour, feet to inch, and many more
  • touch friendly
  • scientific notation for large/ small converted values
  • support for division operation (ex: 7/8)
  • 8 categories, and more than 100 conversions
  • user friendly snapped view

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8 March 2014

This app froze up on me. Was also off by a decimal place on a simple metric conversion.


5 September 2013

Gives a whole bunch of dumb conversions except the one you're after.


12 March 2013

Add some more units (power)... Nice work


18 February 2013

Inches to mm/cm To reproduce the bug try to enter 33 inches and hit enter, you get a crazy number. Second "bug" when you but it at the side is not very functional, is use less..


3 December 2012

Please add more like horsepower / Kilowatts etc


12 October 2012

Fast unit converter in this world!!! Great work guys!!!!


9 October 2012

When I backspace to delete an existing number and perform a new unit conversion it brings up an error message. This interruption really slows things down. There are better unit conversion apps available.


24 September 2012

Makes our life so simple .. I can convert from any unit to any other unit .. any time I want .. great job guys for putting this together .. I am sure lot of folks will benefit from this.


20 September 2012

A quick and very handy tool for all conversions!


19 September 2012

I use this app almost every day and I have not found anything better. Thanks for making it!

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