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    Update 10/5/2015: Fixed appbar expanded crash bug. Update 10/4/2015: Updated to Windows 10 Universal App. Added all new Windows 10 sizes, as well as new Windows 10 design style. Update 5/13/2014: Fixed incorrect export size for square44x44 and badgelogo scaled images on Windows Phone. Thanks @aarnott Update: 5/6/2014: Added the ability to export Windows Phone tile images. Windows Phone scale240 images are auto exported if 'Use all scales' is enabled. New settings to export phone tile sizes and splash screen. Great for Universal Apps! Thanks @templarian and @aarontt for using Vector! Update: 1/7/2013: Fixed issue where some exported images are corrupted when "include background color" option is selected with some SVG. Thanks @brandonlive Update 12/19/2013: Added Windows 8.1 tile sizes (large tile/small tile) and auto-centering. Update: Added the ability to include the background color in the image for store logo. Also, added hex colors in the color picker


Vector is for Windows and Windows Phone app developers. Use it to automatically create images for tiles, splash screens, and all other images required from your app from one scalable vector graphics (SVG) file. Simply choose an SVG file, place it on your tile with multi-touch or your mouse and export all of the images. Vector also exports all the images for devices with high pixel density screens. Exports up to 42 images from one SVG file! Exported images from one SVG: \badgelogo.scale-100.png \badgelogo.scale-125.png \badgelogo.scale-140.png \badgelogo.scale-150.png \badgelogo.scale-180.png \badgelogo.scale-200.png \badgelogo.scale-400.png \largelogo.scale-80.png \largelogo.scale-100.png \largelogo.scale-125.png \largelogo.scale-140.png \largelogo.scale-150.png \largelogo.scale-180.png \largelogo.scale-200.png \largelogo.scale-400.png \logo.scale-80.png \logo.scale-100.png \logo.scale-125.png \logo.scale-140.png \logo.scale-150.png \logo.scale-180.png \logo.scale-200.png \logo.scale-400.png \phonesplashscreen.scale-100.png \phonesplashscreen.scale-140.png \smalllogo.scale-80.png \smalllogo.scale-100.png \smalllogo.scale-140.png \smalllogo.scale-180.png \smalltilelogo.scale-80.png \smalltilelogo.scale-100.png \smalltilelogo.scale-140.png \smalltilelogo.scale-180.png \splashscreen.scale-100.png \splashscreen.scale-125.png \splashscreen.scale-140.png \splashscreen.scale-150.png \splashscreen.scale-180.png \splashscreen.scale-200.png \splashscreen.scale-400.png \square44x44logo.scale-100.png \square44x44logo.scale-125.png \square44x44logo.scale-140.png \square44x44logo.scale-150.png \square44x44logo.scale-200.png \square44x44logo.scale-400.png \square71x71logo.scale-100.png \square71x71logo.scale-125.png \square71x71logo.scale-140.png \square71x71logo.scale-150.png \square71x71logo.scale-200.png \square71x71logo.scale-400.png \storelogo.scale-100.png \storelogo.scale-125.png \storelogo.scale-140.png \storelogo.scale-150.png \storelogo.scale-180.png \storelogo.scale-200.png \storelogo.scale-400.png \widelogo.scale-80.png \widelogo.scale-100.png \widelogo.scale-125.png \widelogo.scale-140.png \widelogo.scale-150.png \widelogo.scale-180.png \widelogo.scale-200.png \widelogo.scale-400.png


  • Create tile images from one SVG automatically
  • Export all scales for high pixel density screens
  • Preview different tile colors
  • Use multi-touch or mouse to place the image
  • Use settings to choose which images to export
  • Auto-center images
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows Phone tiles

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19 August 2016

I am using Windows 8.1 pro, when I try to save or export, it only creates folder but does not save the images. It is a good tool , if it works. So fix it.


26 September 2014

Nifty app, saved me a whole bunch of time.


26 July 2014

This tool is great! However, it created a WP8.1 badge icon with colors that wouldn't pass app validation. Apparently, it should only be pure white with some level transparency (or anything with zero transparency). Your app created a tile with color #97FEFEFE... so not pure white. **sticking them in an image editor and ramping up contrast is a good temporary fix to make them pure white. -Another missing feature: Phone App Store icon 300x300... doesn't seem to make it.


29 January 2014

Excellent tool for app developers. Check out the accompanying article on how to use it for excellent results. http://dwcares.com/one-does-not-simply-app-logo/