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    With the new Up/Down buttons, the keyboard can be transposed by up to two octaves up and down. The playable range of the keyboard has thus been expanded by 4 octave to more than 6 octaves. Four LEDs indicate the current transposition. Vintage Synth has been equipped with a MIDI connection and communicates now over the MIDI interfaces of your system. Therefore, the synthesizer can be controlled by incoming MIDI signals. In addition, MIDI signals are sent if you play on the keyboard or move the pitch- or modulation wheel. On a new option page, you can configure various MIDI-Settings. So, you can choose the MIDI input and output as well as the corresponding channels. You can determine in small increments how the velocity affects the filter and the volume level. Finally, you can set the velocity to be sent to the MIDI output by playing on the screen keyboard. The new panic button (!) helps you in critical situations. If a played note should hang, all active tones can be turned off by pressing this button. If you press the panic button again after all tones have already been silenced, the audio output is reinitialized. The initialization of the audio output has been corrected. New sounds extend previous presets and once again demonstrate the excellent sound quality of Vintage Synth.

Vintage Synth

Vintage Synth is guiding you into an amazing world of electronic sound synthesis. Create unprecedented sounds by using the numerous control knobs. This retro look sound machine is reminiscent of the good old analogue synthesizers giving you a slight touch of nostalgia. The multi-touch interface allows playing polyphonically on the keyboard while the sound can be adjusted to your desire. You will be amazed when you dive into new soundscapes with Vintage Synth.


  • Two synchronizable oscillators generate the basic sound as triangle and square wave.
  • The pulse width of square waves can be adjusted continuously between needle pulse and symmetric square.
  • The variable symmetry allows the continuous transition from triangle waves to rising or falling sawtooth waves.
  • The ring modulator and the white noise generator enrich the basic sound.
  • The high-quality low-pass filter with “Moog”-character shapes the sound.
  • Two variable low frequency oscillators enable you to modulate up to six sound parameters through the modulation matrix.
  • Timbre and loudness are controlled by two ADSR envelopes.
  • The amount of voices for polyphony and the latency time of sound creation can be adjusted in the best possible way to the CPU performance.

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16 December 2014



2 December 2014

This Synth app is just about perfect. It has almost all the feature that I'd like in a Synth app and it sounds very nice! I've tried all the major Synth aps in the store, and I think that this is certainly among the top two.


16 September 2014

WTH? This would be a great app if it would support USB keyboards. Would love to use this on my tablet with a Korg Nanokey, but alas. Hope they update it soon. Very disappointed.


7 March 2014

What a great app for this platform. Works very well on my first gen Surface RT. Has many presets, but the sky is the limit in terms of creativity. Thanks!


24 February 2014

This is the best organ/synth app that I've used on Windows 8 and iOS. Thanks!


28 January 2014

Like to see ability to change size of keyboard (lose an octave) to get bigger keys. Also ADSR into 2nd Osco can give all those old Cars ARP sounds.


31 July 2013

Works great on surface rt. It would be nice if i could attach my midi keyboard...


27 April 2013

Looks and performs great but needs some features. Would be great if it could be hooked up with a sequencer for building songs. But really impressive.


27 March 2013

This app not only looks great but works great as well!


14 March 2013

Love the stock sounds, and the easy to tweak parameters. The app also offers flexibility in how the virtual knobs are controlled (rotary, vertical, or horizontal) which makes it easy to use the way you like. Fun and extremely polished. Get it now.

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