VPN Shield Subscription 2

VPN Shield Subscription is a companion application for VPN Shield and mobile applications. IMPORTANT: in order to use your subscription and connect to VPN you will need to install VPN Shield application for Windows (also available on other mobile and computer platforms) This application allows you to create and manage subscription for VPN Shield service with a wide range of payment options available, from just a few days to a whole year. To use the subscription and share it between your mobile and computer devices you will need to create your personal VPN Shield account. Please store these account credentials in a safe location and for your own privacy and safety, do not share them with anyone.


  • Subscriptions are proposed as for 1 week, 1 or 3 months and 1 or 3 years
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Blazing fast support
  • One account for five devices
  • FREE trial

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24 August 2016

very good


23 March 2016



5 September 2015



23 August 2015

I love this app as it helps me to access programs that I cant when in this country. Keep improving!!!!


21 June 2015

Tried in china, Thailand, Qatar and worked as expected, and the connexion was really fast.


18 June 2015

I downloaded this about a month ago to be able to access Netflix while outside of the US. It has about 12 countries to choose from. The only thing I wish it had was a Brazil option. Otherwise it does its job well.