Access the largest global network of real-time weather sensors to get the most accurate weather info in the world! Get visual at-a-glance weather right on your home screen with multiple rich-image live tiles. With one touch, set custom notifications for the kinds of weather you care about, then view them via live tiles and the app notifications widget. Use the full interactive weather maps to check out time-lapse radar, temperature, wind and cloud cover maps with full pinch-and-zoom functionality. Get pinpoint forecasts, and stay informed of severe weather with alerts  to keep you and those you care about out of harm’s way – Know Before.


  • Global Weather – View detailed weather information for neighborhood and global points through instant access to a global weather network of 50,000 locations
  • Live Tiles – Rich live weather image tiles provide at-a-glance weather updates of your favorite location, right from your desktop home screen
  • My Alert Center – Stay informed of the severe weather impacting your life and keep yourself and those you care about out of harms way
  • Custom Notifications – Should you bring an umbrella? With one touch, get personal alerts on the weather conditions you care about
  • Pinpoint Forecasts – Access to the industry’s most accurate neighborhood and global weather forecast information for any location at a given point in time
  • Dynamic Weather Backgrounds – Application background changes according to the weather for your saved locations
  • Interactive Maps – Live weather maps with 7 different configurable overlays and pinch and zoom functionality
  • International Language Support – Get your weather in the language of your choice! WeatherBug for Windows 8 is available in 25 popular languages for your convenience.

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3 February 2016

I have had weather bug for Windows 8 about 1+ years now. The App has recently been giving me wrong temperature, shows sunny picture when it's raining, no more forecast etc. I'm feeling like I may just uninstall if no charge.


10 January 2016

Did not have forecast for, my area,


3 January 2016

no forcast update since I installed it


19 November 2015

'current' conditions doesn't display info. How do I correct this? Rating was great till this problem.


13 November 2015

the alerts flash as your trying to read them, makes it unusable!


9 November 2015

I'm trying to understand how the rain for this area could show 30% change today yet when you go thru the hours it shows 10%. How accurate is your app or what do I have to do to make it more accurate? Perhaps something that I'm doing? Thanks


4 November 2015

The app selected the wrong location for my home location and now I cant change it. Changing the home location should be easier and more obvious if I can even change it at all!


30 October 2015

It is raining right now and the app says it is sunny with 0% chance of precipitation. I have set the correct location and weather station. Any other weather app has better results


25 October 2015

This app is great when it works. It takes a long time to load. The features are great except for the map feature "animation". I can't get the maps to animate or move to show the trends in the area.


24 October 2015

Won't let you delete home location, even though it selected wrong one, nearly 200 miles away.

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