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    This app now supports Ethernet/Firewire connectivity in addition to existing Wifi connectivity

Wifi Streaming

Privacy Policy: Any data such as •personally identifiable device id and location information are neither collected nor transmitted to any server. •images/pictures or videos viewed/played using Wifi Streaming app are neither stored in the device nor transmitted to any server. Visit http://www.winfoneapps.com/privacypolicy.htm to view Privacy Policy online The users cannot make purchases through the app. About this app: This app streams your photos and videos from your Desktop/Laptop computer using Wifi/Ethernet or Firewire connection. You need TWO computers to use this app. A) The first computer (desktop/laptop) has all of your media (Pictures and Videos). Run HFS tool in this computer (visit http://www.winfoneapps.com/hpg.htm and select 'Wifi Streaming Windows store app' for easy one time setup) B) The second computer runs either Windows 8 or WinRT OS (such as Microsoft Surface Windows RT device) The user doesn't need to download hundreds of personal photos and videos to Windows device (such as Surface) to view/watch, such media contents (picture/video) can be streamed using this app and it will not store the media contents in the device while viewing/watching and thus saves device's storage. This app requires HFS tool. Download free HFS from http://www.rejetto.com/hfs/ (download takes less than a minute) and run it in your Windows powered computer. For quick and easy one time setup, visit http://www.winfoneapps.com/hpg.htm and follow instructions. This app doesn't support DLNA No registration or user name & password required to use this app. The app is ready to use after download.


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