Wild Animal Sniper Hunter

Wild Animal: Sniper Hunter is a 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) hunting game for fun. This is a realistic animal hunting and sniper shooting adventure which you will enjoy feeling like real hunter. You can kill the stag, lion, wolf, bear and other carnivores. You will find it challenging to target the moving animals and then shoot them with your sniper. This game is a brand new real hunting and sniper shooting experience which you might not been able to get in your real life. Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this game. Wild Animal: Sniper Hunter gives you a hunting challenge and provides you a chance to be a furious hunter of carnivores. You have the best Sniper Shooting gun; enter into the challenge of being the best sniper shooter and a furious slayer of carnivores. You may not have the chance to kill a lion or bear or a stag in real life, so feel like real and be a hunter of the wild animals. You are an animal’s slayer and ready for this hunting challenge in jungles. Wild Animal: Sniper Hunter Game Features - Dangerous Jungle Environment - Wild animals out there to hunt - Hunting among different animals - Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt - Different animals to select as target -. Multiple levels with each animal for easy to difficult HOW TO PLAY - Enter into the first level complete the mission and go to the next level. - Left half of the screen is for gun control. - Use zoom buttons to target animals. - Be aware of the time.


  • Amazing 3D graphics build for device.
  • 5 levels. Each with a new challenge.
  • Real sniper physics.
  • An ultimate hunting action.
  • Efficient gun control.
  • True to life hunting experience.
  • High fidelity cool graphics.