Windows Alarms

A simple yet beautiful and multi-functional timing app that comes with alarms, countdown timers, and a stopwatch. Use it to set wake up alarms and reminders, to time sporting events, and to keep track of time whenever you need to.


  • Set alarms at specific times to alert you with sounds and notifications
  • Set recurring alarms to alert you at certain times once or more a week
  • Use multiple timers at once
  • Personalize your alarms with a variety of sounds
  • Use the stopwatch to time tasks and keep track of laps and splits
  • Snooze or dismiss alarms from the lock screen
  • Hear alarms even when your device is in standby or muted
  • Use the app at any size alongside other apps

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19 August 2016

The sounds aren't loud or annoying enough to wake me even with my device on full volume.


23 July 2016

It is good because I use one alarm to do my Chromebook over the summer because I am bad at reading but I use this app every day to notice when I play too many games, so over my alarm is set at 6:05 PM I do it at evening


20 May 2016

Does not even let you add custom sounds. Its very out of date.... Like not even in the same decade.


13 May 2016

I like it, this one works well😃😃😃😃😃


3 May 2016

this is an AWESOME app because it is very awesome and useful PAIGE


25 March 2016

This would let me us it and alarm doesn't go off and I can't even use it so stupid


9 March 2016

WEN my laptop in sleep mode it doesn't work. im disappointed


9 February 2016

Can you guys add some vibrations to the alarms thank you.


5 February 2016

This program is great for keeping track of time


2 February 2016

Easy to set,reset, snooze, dismiss, etc. Variety of rings & colors useful to designate events.

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