Windows Calculator

A simple yet powerful app that includes a standard calculator, a scientific calculator, and a unit converter. Whether you’re using it to add up a bill, convert a recipe, or complete algebra, geometry or more complex math, Calculator is the perfect assistant. Use Calculator full screen for focused tasks or resize it next to another app for quick calculations.


  • Use the standard calculator for basic calculations
  • Use as a powerful scientific calculator
  • Easily store and use numbers in memory
  • Convert between units in only a few taps or clicks
  • Use at any size alongside other apps

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12 July 2016

Why would anyone need a full screen calculator on anything except a Windows phone? I have a 13" touchscreen and I can press buttons with my palm. This is the dumbest default calculator ever. If you are going to use a calculator on your desktop you probably want to see the application you are using it with too. The old calculator that was used since Windows 3.0 was fine. Fullscreen impractical for any device except phones.


1 July 2016

This simple calculator app has all the features you need. The scientific calculator and converter is extremely useful. The ability to snap it down to 1/4 screen while viewing other apps shows off the best feature of the Surface.


15 June 2016

SUCKS! Does not work. Zero stars for rating.


10 June 2016



7 May 2016

This app is good for measuring almost every thing. It also works very well.


17 April 2016

Guys stop giving it a 1 star rating it is HELPFUL and USEFUL!!!!!!!! It is not CRASHING it is being HELPFUL!!!!!!!!


13 April 2016

takes up too much screen


5 April 2016

Has all the 3 functions and screen size can be adjusted.


4 April 2016

very nice app I like it so much....


22 March 2016

Very easy to work with. After using it for several years it wouldn't work so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Works great once more.

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