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    Added support to get updates onto your phone via your internet connected PC.

Windows Phone

Your computer and your Windows Phone 8 work together seamlessly with the Windows Phone app so you always have your photos, videos, and music, and more where you want them.


  • Get your music, photos, and videos from your computer to your phone (and vice versa).
  • Add ringtones and playlists to your phone.
  • Quickly share things from your phone with Windows 8 apps (like Photos, or Search). You don’t even have to open the Windows Phone app to move things around.
  • Automatically save photos and videos you take with your phone to your PC.
  • See at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content, so it’s easy to make sure you never run out of room on your phone.
  • Get to WindowsPhone.com to download apps, learn more about your phone, or find it if it’s lost.
  • Get updates onto your phone via your internet connected PC.

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19 April 2016

Very limited in features.. You can move/copy music and photos.. That's it. Again Microsoft has omitted Genre from the options to select music when browsing music on the phone. However they found the time to include a "In the Store" section with shortcuts to featured apps and games.. When Microsoft's developers take off their Marketing panties we may see some actual useful software from them.


30 March 2016

Has lost ability to display any data. Only an outline of a Lumina 840 cell phone


1 March 2016

Worked ok at first....... now cannot connect to phone..... tried reinstall, but no luck.... actually would give this a minus 4 stars rating.... technical help would be nice


26 February 2016

Despite what other people are saying, this does work with my Lumia phone. And it works amazingly at that!


6 January 2016

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, which didn't help. At first I just lost the ability to see what's on the phone, now I just get a blank screen. I wanted to choose zero stars, but that's not allowed.


24 December 2015

Specifically says it will work for android to help transfer photos... and a half an hour later fiddling around with it thinking I did something wrong and it still wont sync. piece of junk


11 December 2015

windows number 1


14 November 2015

Under settings, there is on option to sync music / iTunes with phone, thereby making this app completely useless


28 October 2015

Why, oh, why, do I need a cable to connect my phone? Wasn't Bluetooth invented for this like millennia ago? Also, why can't I receive texts in this app? My Nokia Symbian phone let me read and write texts in windows xp ten years ago! This is lame.


27 October 2015

Does not even update my phone, what's the point of this app if it can not even work with another device.

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