Wolf Attack - Deer Rescue

using sniper gun and kill the wolf and save the deer life from wolf. If you are late in firing on the wolf then wolf kill the deer. Be carefully and fast attack on wolf. Focus on your target and fire exactly. This game contains multiple levels. Kill the wolf and clear the level How To Play: - Using sniper gun for target on wolf - Use telescope for focus - Try to fire on exact location For Tablet: - Touch and Drag on screen for aiming - Tap the Fire button for shooting the wolf For PC: - Click and drag the mouse on screen left,right,up, and down for aiming on target - Tap the Fire Button or press the left Ctrl key from keyboard


  • Sniper gun
  • Telescope
  • Wolf
  • Deer
  • Easy to play
  • Good UI

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15 March 2016

there are no instructions to controls. what does what? no control period


12 June 2015

that's what I want


4 June 2015

This froze up from the start. The crosshairs are useless. Jumpy when it did go. There is no timer yet it states that the level failed. Don't know how. No instructions or ways to adjust the gun to where it shoots. Too bad.


24 February 2015



6 February 2015