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    Latest release fixes a bug that was not allowing videos to show up in the entire app. Videos are again available in Woodshed for Guitar.

Woodshed for Guitar

Learn and practice your favorite cover songs with Woodshed for Guitar! Woodshed for Guitar pulls resources from across the internet with the click of a tile to help you learn and practice those songs, including : • Chords • Tablature • Lyrics • Backing Tracks • Video Lessons • Video Covers • Video of Artist’s Performance You can upgrade Woodshed Guitar to unlock a really cool guitar tuner that not only helps you tune your guitar to various tunings, but also suggests songs that are in the tuning you select. Check it out! Combining Woodshed for Guitar with a touch device, like Microsoft Surface, makes it easy to learn and practice cover songs while you’re sitting at your instrument. You can also use it on stage to access chords and lyrics in an instant (internet access required). VERY USEFUL FOR WORKING MUSICIANS!!! Also check out Woodshed for Bass and Woodshed for Piano, now available in the Windows App Store. Look for future updates to this and all Woodshed products, as well as new versions of Woodshed for even more instruments, coming soon!


  • One click to chords, tab, lyrics, lessons, backing tracks, etc.
  • Save your favorite songs and artists for easy access
  • Suggests songs and artists based on your favorites
  • Portrait view enabled for convenient use on music stands with tablet
  • Great tool for practicing or performing live
  • Guitar tuner with a variety of tunings that also suggests songs in those tunings

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18 May 2015

please inform me how to get credit for this app. I called Microsoft and they informed me I must contact you.


5 December 2014

I have tried to install this app several time, the message I receive is app is installed yet when I try to play the app it shows loading and the loading never stops. The same ting happens with woodshed for bass.


13 September 2014

Probably one of the best guitar sites I have found


17 March 2014

This app pulls all of the resources from the net, and puts them in one convenient place, including YouTube, multiple tab sites, and online lessons. The info in already out there, but this neatly pulls it all together!


9 March 2014

Handy way to see tabs, and lessons! 😎