Word Search Unlimited

Word Search Unlimited is a Windows Metro version of the popular Word Search Game! It has more than 100 categories, Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert Difficulty. Have fun!


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  • Hard Level
  • Expert Level
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25 June 2016

Nicely done. Good game.


6 June 2016

A wonderful game!


28 May 2016

great game, very challenging


26 May 2016

love it and no music to have to subdue while at work.


29 February 2016

love it!


21 January 2016

I not like at there are ads on the right hand side of the word search. I cant get all the words because the ads cover up some litters so I cant finish the word.


17 January 2016

Im delighted playing games


14 December 2015

hello everyone who enjoy word searches and want to download word search unlimited whom am I you might ask well my name is Alyssa and I think that you should buy this app because it is really fun. Buy it for your child. Buy it for your friend. Buy it for you grandchild. If you are not sure how to get this app because it is free than ask your grandma. Ask your grandpa. Ask your mom. Ask your dad. You can even ask your big sister or your big brother. You can ask your babysitter. You can also even ask your Aunt Sally or your Uncle Sam. It is okay if you do not have a aunt sally or uncle Sam. Just go get your aunt or even your uncle. This is a great app to get I recommend it to anybody who enjoys a challenge or anybody who enjoys word searches or puzzles. My name is Alyssa and I approve this message.


25 November 2015

Good game


14 November 2015

Love word search! Love this game!

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