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    + Updated for Windows 10 + Many bug fixes and performance improvements

Words By Post

*** Note that there is also a free version of Words By Post in the store that is identical to this version but is ad-supported *** Play this classic word game with real people! Challenge your friends to friendly games or play ranked matches against random opponents of similar skill levels. Compete for the highest rating. Play as many simultaneous games as you want! Words By Post is the only cross-platform word game that keeps track of your skill level and always matches you against players of similar ability to your own. And since it is available for Windows 8, iPhones, Androids, and Windows Phones, you can play your friends no matter what type of device they have! Words By Post is perfect for players of all skill levels because your matched opponent's skill level will be adapted based on your own skill level.


  • Push notifications alert you when your opponent makes a move
  • Keeps track of your record and skill rating over time so you can see yourself improving
  • Play your friends or let the app pair you with a player of similar skill to your own
  • Shows you the word score before you submit
  • Tap on any played word to look up the definition
  • Tap on the stats button to see your all-time head-to-head stats against your opponent
  • Customize the board theme to be either light or dark
  • Create a local hand-off game and play your friend by passing the device back and forth. When you make your move, your opponents tiles will not be visible until they reveal them.
  • Chat with your opponents using the in-game message board.
  • Optionally connect through Facebook to easily find and invite your friends to play

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21 July 2015

The dictionary is somewhat useless. The game doesn't recognize many words. Tried to play INUIT the other day but it wouldn't let me. Also, does not accept any modern and accepted slang.


30 April 2014

Plays smoothly I don't mind the significantly different board layout (different from Scrabble / WWF) - although I do like it's asymmetry. Maybe the points on some of the letters could be increased a bit, it 'feels' like some letters are undervalued - but maybe that's just shifted perception after years of Scrabble/WWF.


11 April 2014

Good game


4 October 2013

Way better if playing 15-20 games at once as everyone on different time zones from all over the world. It is too slow waiting for one person to move if they have up to 5 days to make their move. Very fun and challenging!


2 April 2013

This app is the standard Scrabble game. The interface is simple and nice, but the problem is that when my phone which has the Android version of this app, tells me it is my turn, I have to close the Windows 8 App and re-open it to see that it is my turn. Even after a couple hours when it decides to let it be my turn, I get no notifications of any kind. No ding, pop up, nothing. I sent two emails for support. I didn't even get an automated e-mailer message saying that the got my message. Grr


27 February 2013

Love this app. Wish that there was a shorter time limit for people to play instead of having to wait a few days for them to move. Also. I wish that the use of words that have no definition should not be allowed. I understand it is scrabble but come on. Other than that its great😉


8 December 2012

Great game. love how it is multiplatform. just wish I could customize the board and appearance more


4 December 2012

Friends using other platforms like android or iOS, no problem. Fun to play on my new surface and phone and the games all stay in synch.


30 November 2012

This app takes Words With Friends outside and beats it to a living pulp.


28 November 2012

A well thought out App, Words by Post for Windows 8 and Windows Phone plays great - and because it's cross platform (iOS & Android) you can play with anyone. Standard dictionary, good game board; this App plays well and is stable on all platforms. The UI is clean & obvious with minimal "distractions".

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