Workouts Scheduler

Get in the best shape of your life with thousands of free workouts at your own pace and schedule. Exercises with step-by-step description, graphics and tips! Whether you’re doing body weight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, workout scheduler will help you get fit with 1000's of workouts. You can also choose your area of focus and use it to get a six pack, lose weight, and improve your muscles and more. Workout scheduler is ideal for people who want to get in shape using body weight or using basic equipment. Just emulate the ways demonstrated by Workout Scheduler and reap the best benefits out of it: ✓ See instructional graphics that explain each move in detail. ✓ Share your workouts with Facebook friends. ✓ Easily add workouts to your schedule by setting alarm within the app. ✓ Maintain your body profile including BMI. ✓ Body part based listing of exercises for better ease of use. ✓ Do you know page. ✓ Equally usable app by men and women. Fulfill your dream of getting into shape with the help of workout scheduler!

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18 May 2015

I suggest this app for everyone who want do workouts but they forget their plan tomorrow


6 March 2015

I've used this app for ages on my phone and pc but it would be nice to see this app available for the Microsoft band. There is a section that says "browse workouts" would like to browse and download some from workout scheduler.


16 October 2014

One thing, I would put notes in, come back and there gone! What happened.


4 October 2014

I have this app installed on my phone and it operates completely different. I can customize my workout schedule, and set it for specific days for those workouts. It also allows me to log my exercises so I don't have to write down my weight at the gym or remember it when I get home to record it. NOTE: Those particular features cost $0.99, but it is totally worth the short change to be able to create routines and logs. Not sure why this version is so much different on my laptop. It also doesn't have the ability to recognize I have the app on my phone, so I have to enter my personal stats for each device which also is strange to me that it wouldn't recognize I already have the app on another device. Regardless, the app does serve its purpose nicely. I like it much better on my phone than on my laptop, so if you have a windows phone, give this a try on there. I think you will be much more satisfied with what it can do.


16 July 2014

great app.. but it lack illustrations :/


4 April 2014

Should save the plan on OneDrive so I can switch between using table, phone or pc. (and you could make a pro version where fitness coatches could mail you a plan) Also in planning there should be an option for eg. 2 days rest before doing same exc. again, insted of 1 day or 1 week option now. In the plan exc. shoud be in minutes from start, not a exact time, training maybe at diff. times diff. days. That my sugestion too make it a 5 stars app. But very nice and helpfull as is.


18 February 2014

awesome app to build a perfect body


20 January 2014

This program is good, however, you need to write down the workouts if you go to a gym. Program is okay


14 September 2013

my own personal trainer You need to check spelling in app though for instance "exercise bale" on the exercise ball pull in page


5 May 2013

Still needs work. For starters, allow us to separate workouts. In the workout section list allow for a click to bring up a demo of the exercise. Have the comments display on the workout list. Perhaps add a timer. Add that and this app would be perfect.