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    In this update we added features fixed bugs. *** Please send email to support@xbmcboss.com or post a comment on our Facebook wall if you encounter any issues. *** Features * Added "Home" and "Back" buttons to the Now Playing page's remote. Bug fixes * Fixed issue where TV show episodes may not be sorted in ascending order


XBMC Boss goes beyond remote controlling your XBMC server. You'll be delighted when browsing your libraries and discover full screen fan artwork, cast information, and last.fm descriptions. You'll love being able to navigate your entire media library without interrupting your currently playing media and being able to leave your media server's screen turned off while still being able to control your music listening experience. Currently supports XBMC V11.0 "Eden" and V12.0 "Frodo" Beta 1 Privacy Policy: XBMC Boss doesn't require any personal information or account signup. Just configure XBMC Boss to connect to your home XBMC server and be on your way controlling your media server. Content such as thumbnails, IMDB ratings, TV show and movie cast information and more are retrieved from both XBMC directly and third party services including last.fm and fanart.tv, but doesn't require you to create an account and no personal information is collected or used. This policy is subject to change at any time and without prior notice.


  • Main page with most recently added content gets you where you want to be quickly
  • Setup tutorial to get everything configured painlessly
  • Controls to play/pause, stop, play previous/next, mute/unmute, scan library for audio or video, or quickly navigate to your music, TV shows, or movies
  • Simply begin typing in the music, TV shows, or movies listing pages to search
  • Zoom out from the Music, Movies or TV Show pages by pinching screen (or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Down) to quickly navigate large collections
  • Supports Windows Search across your XBMC library content
  • Artist thumbnails and fanart provided by last.fm and fanart.tv
  • Now Playing" screen shows currently playing media and buttons to manually control XBMC
  • Supports multiple connections so you can control all your XBMC servers with one device
  • Supports both XBMC v11.0 'Eden' and the currently-in-development XBMC v12.0 'Frodo'

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24 January 2015

Nothing happens when I select next track when play music. I don't see any option to view music tracks that are in the queue.


13 August 2014

Another simple xbmc program with no addon support. No point paying for something you can get for free....


28 August 2013

Beautiful layout


18 May 2013

I think this is the best xbmc app out there. it does a good job of having a design consistent with the Metro design pattern. It doesn't appear that thumbnails are cached, leading to a huge lag in listing movies. This is a huge problem for me. Fixing this latency issue would make it perfect but I find myself regretting my purchase because it takes so long to load my library (600 movies, 2,000 albums)


21 April 2013

The setup tutorial was very useful, and the UI is very nice. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you the option to resume playback from a previous position.


9 April 2013

This is a pretty good app, but is missing some features I have on an app for my WP8. I'm using this on XMBC 12.1. - Does not mark as watched/unwatched in this app - Play/pause is pretty delayed after pressing the button - Some buttons don't work (mute for example), like back (not rewind) - Does not have an easy way to see recently added or in progress tv shows


28 January 2013

Using Frodo RC3 I was just able to create the connection, then nothing happens. Good effort


27 January 2013

I actually paid for this app. It exits to start screen after it tries to pull music information from my xbmc server. I have other apps, the simpler ones, that work fine on windows phone with the same server


16 January 2013

I want to try this but you can't confirm a connection without a username and password. I don't want to set a username or password for my XBMC as I already have other devices connecting to it. Ignore my star rating as I can't yet use it and am forced to enter the stars by app store.


27 December 2012

excellent. well worth the 2.50

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