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    This release - 1. Support for Frodo RC3. Fixes for some breaking changes Changes since release 1. Port 8080 was always getting used resulting in connection failures 2. some other minor fixes related with connection handling. 3. Added correct capability to allow connection on internal networks. 4. Made main music/movies page limit # of items. Clicking on header takes to full list. 5. View movies by genre

XBMC Remote +

Browse and control your entire XBMC media collection from your windows 8 tablet. XBMC Remote+ is an application built from ground up let you experience your XBMC media library remotely and then play it on your main display. You can browse your entire catalog while a movie or music might be playing on the TV. It’s especially useful when you TV is turned off and you want to select Audio Albums and queue them to play on the audio receiver. Features – 1. Ability to browse your video, music and TV show library from your phone. 2. Able to select and view details of movies and music albums before selecting. 3. Sort by album, artist, or a song and play or queue. 4. Currently playing media information is easily accessible from top appbar. 5. Music library lets you pivot on Albums, Artists, and Songs 6. Ability to add and manager multiple XBMC server from single application. 7. View movies by genre, released year 8. Recently added movies/episodes


  • Remote access to entire catalog
  • scemantic zoom

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20 April 2015

Overall, a very good app, but there are few issues: 1. All my albums titled "Greatest Hits" are getting the same cover art regardless of artist. 2. There doesn't seem to be any way to search for music, or create playlists. For example, I'd like to be able to search by track title, artist, and album 3. This app needs to offer options for larger font sizes when displaying information. For example the text on a movie "details" page is tiny on my tablet. 4. The display of TV series seems to use the top portion of the cover art for the series and this doesn't always contain any information. Personally, I'd prefer an option to display TV Series covers in the same way that Movie covers are displayed


1 February 2015

Nice, but the remote buttons do not function


19 December 2014

Remote doesn't work and the menu needs serious changing


19 November 2014



28 February 2014

Some features work. Most don't though


10 February 2014

For movies, music and Tv series it works. And it beautiful. (wow) After selection the remote can be made to appear by swiping up.. there is another remote (presumably the main one) that can be activated from the main screen - I cannot get this remote to do anything. Bummer. Also without this remote things like other video, music videos, favorites, settings, etch are unavailable. The other part is so beautiful I am still inclined to give it 2.5 stars, I sure hope they fix it.


5 January 2014

As others have mentioned, the remote doesn't work, and the Recently Added section tends to crash, but this XBMC app has the most promise, and fits the metro look very nicely. Will definitely deserve a 5-star rating when the bugs are sorted out.


18 December 2013

App does everything perfectly except for the remote which doesn't work. Also this would be perfect if it had an onscreen keyboard for searching on xbmc/1channel


8 December 2013

Library works. Remote is not working.


26 October 2013

The remote, launched from the main screen, doesn't seem to work (pause, ffw, etc...). Also, the TV section shows the old banner-style pictures (Frodo doesn't do banners, anymore). It's possible that this was designed more for Eden and older versions. The fact that it's free does make it more attractive, though. It is a very nice looking app. The album covers look a lot better than they do in some other XBMC apps. I don't like that there is no means of contacting the developer, from the app. Any feedback will have to go through the review (and that can give potential users a bad feel for the app). One such feedback is that it doesn't list all of the artists, at least for me. I am currently playing an artist that isn't in the artists list. Obviously, I didn't start playing it from the app (another XBMC app listed this particular artist).

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