XKCD Comics Viewer

XKCD Comics Viewer is a simple viewer for the popular comics of xkcd.com by Randall Munroe. The app initially only stores the information about comics to provide you with instant search option, the images are downloaded on-the-fly from the comics webpage. You can store every comic image locally for offline browsing or download all images to your computer. The app provides support for common Windows 8 integration features, so you can easily share the comic content via email or pin it as a tile on your main screen. Besides, you can store the comic image to your image library. The animated live tile of the application shows the latest comic. If you allow the application to run in the background, the tile will be automatically updated with the latest online comic every 60 minutes, unless you don't have an internet connection or are using a metered one. All views (overview, year group view, individual comic view) support snapping mode. You have the full support for navigation while snapped, but must unsnap the app to get the zoomed view on the comic picture. You can zoom out on the overview screen for a better view for single year groups. The search pane provides the flexible search over the complete comic data (titles, comic text, transcript) for the stored comics and provides you with search suggestions using the 500 most often used words. The suggestion index is rebuilt on every update. Sharing the content is possible for individual comics and comic groups. Sharing of individual comics provides the complete information about the comic along with the link to the xkcd.com webpage. If the comic picture was downloaded locally, it can be shared as well. Group sharing will provide you with a short list of comics in the group with titles and links to xkcd.com. Individual comic view provides the complete information on the comics, including its title, picture and supporting text. Where available, it also provides the detailed text-only transcript of the comic. From the individual comic view you can download picture for single comic. Upon download you can either store this image in your picture library or pin it to your main screen. The pinned comic tile shows a small comic picture, the detailed comic view is opened once you click or touch it. Visually impaired users can use narrator tool to read navigate through the app: the app provides the data for text-to-speech tools where possible, including the complete transcript of the comic (if available) on the zoomed-in comic view.


  • App live tile is animated with the latest comic issue (image, title and text).
  • The live tile is automatically updated by a background process (if allowed by the user).
  • Comics are aranged in groups by years, the recent comics group features the latest seven comics.
  • Individual comics can be viewed with text information or with a picture zooming.
  • Favorite comics can be downloaded locally and pinned as secondary tiles.
  • Comics and comic groups can be easily shared via email.
  • Offline search is available on all text fields (title, text, transcript).
  • Search suggestions are provided basing on top 500 words.
  • You preferences are automatically synchronized on all devices.
  • You can download all pictures locally for full offline viewing.
  • Downloaded comic pictures can be saved to the picture library.
  • It is possible to navigate through the app using only keyboard.
  • Visually impared users can use narrator tool to navigate through the app.
  • Where available, the app provides the complete transcript of the comic for narrator tool.

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4 August 2013

Great I wish it would have all of the frames of Time(1190)


7 May 2013

Needs zoom.


10 November 2012

I really like this app; but there is one flaw- in order to update to view the latest comics, you must open the app, wait for it to notify you of new comics, then close it, and open it again in order to view the new comics. However, this is by far the best laid out XKCD app, with the best functionality, especially search and enlarging comics


27 October 2012

nice layout but is very behind in the "latest" comics.